Mauricio Jalife Daher

Ph.D. in Law at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Intellectual Property and Franchising specialist by the Universidad Panamericana, Professor at Universidad Panamericana,…

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Jorge Amigo Castañeda

Vice-President of the International Institute of Intellectual Property (IIPI). Previously he was Advisor to the Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Federal District…

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Ernesto Gómez Berjón

Graduated from the Universidad Panamericana. He was Special Account Manager at DerFin; Commercial Director at RevisaTest; Commercial Director at CrowdNet…

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Silvia Arraut Sánchez

Law degree from the Universidad Intercontinental with an IP specialty, participating in various refresher courses on intellectual property in Mexico and abroad.…

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Yolanda Oropeza Gaxiola

Degree in Law specialized in Intellectual Law, subject in which she has worked for 16 years…

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Luna Morel

Franchising and IP specialized lawyer. She has a master’s degree in Corporate Law, an IP specialty and various courses and diplomas in franchise matters…

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Sergio Giovanni Padilla Meneses

B.A. in Economics from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco. He has experience in the industrial property area…

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